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Service Options

Individual Physical Therapy

This service is provided in the comfort of your own home utilizing mobile equipment such as therabands and hand/ankle weights.  Susie Streelman MPT is Medicare certified so this would be a covered benefit with your doctor’s prescription.  We are also happy to work with your doctor and provide private pay services as well if you do not have Medicare.

Individual therapy can be very helpful particularly when there is manual “hands on” therapy needed. 

Group Classes

It has been exciting to develop a multiple week curriculum of classes emphasizing strength and balance.  These classes are 45 minutes long and we tend to focus on a different area each week.  For example, one week might by hip abductors or back extensors.  And while this one muscle group may be our focus, we are ALWAYS focusing on fall prevention, strength and balance. 

We often provide small group classes in a residential setting generally with 3-4 people so that instruction is personalized and we are able to educate our participants on safe form and benefits of exercise.  This program is currently offered at Artesia Christian Home where we have a dedicated room outfitted with equipment for our seniors needs. 

You may wonder how a typical morning in our group sessions.  Well, this brings a smile to my face as we often have one or two people arrive a few minutes early to our first session.  This may provide an opportunity for “extra credit” as they often want to get started with a little bike ride.  These are solid, but portable bicycles that can be set up in front of a typical chair.  We watch on the odometer and maybe get in from 1-4 miles depending on time. 

Now it’s time to check in with our group.  We may take the time to share a quick story about time spent with family over the past couple of days and then it’s time to get to work.  The next three quarters of an hour will be spent working through around 8-10 different exercises planned for our focus.  There will be rest intervals particularly as we change positions.  We often have two patients completing exercises on our elevated mat while two seniors work at our standing balance bar. 

While, some days there is more laughter than others, it is definitely on the agenda. 

Chair Yoga

Eight years ago I became very interested in yoga and have continued attending multiple classes a week because of the benefits it offers my fitness program. I often feel a better sense of postural awareness, strength and flexibility when walking out of a class. It is this precise reason that I invested in a chair yoga certification course in 2014. This has allowed LimberLife physical therapy to bring many benefits of yoga to a population that may not wish to get up and down from a mat during a session. It has been a pleasure to add this to our program.

I have often had participants come up to me after a class reporting, “My back feels so much better after this.” Or “It has been so helpful to practice/slow down my breathing today.”

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